My Experience

Since the mid-90's I have been in the art publishing world which includes experience with printing, freelancing, wholesale, ecommerce and retail. I managed an on-line gallery as well as writing copy for trade magazines. During this time I also was marketing manager for a real estate company in Danville California. As a Marketing Manager our team was responsible for all print and on-line marketing material.  Every piece of written material was reviewed and proofed by me before it left the office or was published on-line. In my job at, all art descriptions and on-line forum conversations were edited and proofed by me before going live. 
Additionally I write for blogs including The Art Planet where I post about emerging artists and local and national art news. I also wrote all of the content for the real estate site for Dana Weiler and all of the content for Clayton Valley Frameworks
I have extensive experience with social media outlets such as Facebook. Twitter, Stumble Upon, Posterous,  Google Buzz and Tumblr. 
My freelance writing experience includes editorial contributions to, eHow, LiveStrong, Red Gage, Helium and Associated Content.